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CorpsefireNL (BloodFalcon)
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Sauron Bane
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Game News
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Thank You, Beta Testers!

CorpsefireNL, Nov 1, 10 3:37 PM.
Greetings Mercenaries-

The Vindictus team would like to express our sincere gratitude to everybody who participated in the Vindictus Beta.

Thanks to our players, we have been able to find and resolve many issues which would be impossible to discover in a normal test environment. The feedback from our players has also allowed us to fine-tune the game to bring a polished, compelling and fun experience to our fans in North America.

While we plan to constantly make improvements to the game and to continue adding content, we feel that Vindictus has reached the point where we can move past the Beta phase into our Official Launch.

Once again, we’d like to thank all of you for helping us reach this point.

Thank you all!

-the Vindictus Team-

Mercenary Post -- October 29, 2010

CorpsefireNL, Nov 1, 10 3:35 PM.

Colhen Bulletin Board, October 28, 2010

Attention Mercenaries!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Mercenary Post! This is a service brought to by the leaders of Colhen in order to make sure that those fighting the good fight for the Goddess have all the information they need to bring justice down upon the heads of the Fomors! This week saw the dark holiday of Halloween come to our land. In response, Vindictus is launching a number of Halloween themed events. In keeping with the spirit of the season, we're also preparing for the coming of the witch. Specifically, we're welcoming Evie to our band of warriors in the hopes that her magic will give us the edge we need to at last attain Paradise. We'll also discuss changes to the Token system and check out a great article on Vindictus from GameSpot. Stay with the Mercenary Post and we will win through to our Promised Land!


Introducing Evie

Must be the season of the witch. When I look over my shoulder, what do you think I see? Evie, the bewitching mercenary has come to purge the land of formors and help lead the people to paradise.

Check out the new stuff!

Fall Fear Festival Begins

As the nights grow longer, that time of the year is upon us. Ghosts whisper from inches out of sight, goblins emerge from their hiding places, and warlocks fill the air with malevolent laughter. The Halloween season is here, and it’s time for spooky celebrations everywhere.


This Is Halloween!
Scared yet?


Changes to the Vindictus Token System

We’ve been watching and listening very closely this week as you’ve bandied Vindictus’ Token System back and forth. Given the seriousness of this issue, we’ve taken some unprecedented steps to make sure that any response we gave on this issue would be extremely well considered. After numerous internal discussions and meetings regarding this, we’ve even met with a select group of players to make sure your views were represented.

Get the details

Vindictus Wiki 


"The weather is lovely enough for a stroll. Too bad we can't leave the safety of Colhen."

Aislinn is an independent, self-sufficient, sophisticated woman who owns the General Store. She has moved to Colhen from the grand city of Rocheste, which she knows like the back of her hand. She is generally warm and welcoming, but she keeps a tight lip when it comes to her history in Rocheste.

Learn more at the Vindictus Wiki!

Novice Training

New to Vindictus? Welcome to novice training, young one! This is where we direct you to areas of interest and give you tips on things that recruits should really know in order to become effective in the fight faster! This week's question: 

Why is everybody in town wearing a robe?

This is the default option for viewing other people in town. This cuts down on your PCs processor requirements and allows the game to work faster.

If you would like to change this, click on the “option” button at the bottom of the “menu.” This button will
allow you to change the way other people are displayed.


In robe
In helmet
In all equipment

Community Spotlight

GameSpot Plays Vindictus! 

Major gaming site GameSpot takes a look at the Vindictus Beta and gets a chance to go hands-on with Evie. Check out what author Andrew Park has to say about the game!

Read all about it!

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Mercenary X is a group of relaxed gamers, nothing too serious. Don't join if you like heavy gaming. We play a lot but nothing too competitive.
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